It started with a simple church...

Read about our history and what we're doing to preserve it for the future


Folllowing amalgamation in 1966, a humble historic Lutheran church was left standing at the corner of Ballarat Road and Hillier Lane.

A group of interested people proposed to the Shire Council that it would be the perfect place to preserve the pastoral history of the district.  


With the land secured and a management committee formed, we bagan to receive items of history, both donated and on loan.

This included historic buildings, old machinery and a plethora of local historic artefacts.

Since then

The complex has grown to now encompass more than 20 buildings over several hectares with over 3,500 items in the collection.

As well as preserving history, there are now dedicated community groups that call the complex home, and a team of volunteers that maintain and curate displays.


The Museum now hosts open days throughout the year which both engage the community and attract tourists. 

We proudly serve the Western District as a place of heritage, celebrating all things pastoral and industrial inventiveness as both a nostalgic and a learning experience.

Expanding our collection

Our collection spans a multitude of decades and many themes.

Farm machinery

From big to small, tractors to wool presses, our collection covers just about all aspects of pastoral activities and early industrial innovation. Some of our machines are rare, many still in good working order or fastidiously restored by  our local enthusiasts.


As well as farm machinery, our collection includes many items that showcase the evolution of society's everyday commercial activities and examples that display the progress of manufacturing and industrial processes.


The day to day funtions of the Hamilton Pastoral Museum

Our group is staffed by an enthusiastic team of dedicated volunteers. Apart from funds generated from our own activities, we are also grateful for the generosity of donors and benefactors who assist with funding our operational expenditure, as well as supporting our acquisitions and expansion plans.


Hamilton Pastoral Museum Inc

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Incorporation: A0001202Y


Glenn Sobey


Alison Jenkins

Join us

The Hamilton Pastoral Museum welcomes volunteers to join in.  There is always something to do and many things to work on from administration, event organisation, collection cataloging and curating, as well as ground and display maintenance. Speak to any of our members to find out how you can contribute to our functions and enjoy the rewards of being a part of a thriving community of volunteers.